Privacy Policy

The data that is got together from guests
As a rule for most sites log files are saved on the special servers which help to store different information, for example IP address of the visitors, the type of the browser, viewed pages and the exact time of their visit. In this process the cookies play the role of the indicator of their preferences during their presence of the site. If visitors are registered, their email addresses and logins are saved on the servers as well.

The way of use of the information
This information can be used in the way of the improvement of the experience as with the help of this or that website it is possible to present certain content and advertisement. Electronic addresses won’t be showed or transferred to third parties. The e-mail can be used only to inform you about your submission.

If you have a subscription to one of the services we provide, you can easily unsubscribe just with the help of certain instructions which you can easily find in the e-mail letter that you have received. Also you can block your cookies with the help of the used browser and its settings but you will lose certain features of the site.

Cookie is a kind of digital signature files that is saved by your Internet browser and it helps to save the information about your favorites. It can help you to know your visit history as well. Different advertising companies can easily use this feature for their profit.

Google Commercials
For example if Google is a third party seller, it uses this feature with the cookies with the purpose of posting the ads. Google uses the so called DART cookies which help to promote the ads to visitors according to their preferences in the Internet. Each visitor can easily choose this DART cookie just once visited the Google ad and its content net terms of confidentiality.

Third Party Ads
We use such companies to promote the ads to you while you are visiting the sites. As a rule they take into account different information (but not your personal name, email address, direct address or telephone number of course) about their visitors to make the ads more profitable for both.